On our BM3.5 server, we have use Mercury Mail 1.48c for years .
(That was the NLM version.) However we currently have a problem with
PegasusMail clients unable to access mailboxes for incoming mail. The
outgoing SMTP mail is working fine.

As a workaround I have set up separate WinXP box on a fixed IP running
This appears to have solved problems with mailbox access so I want to direct
incoming mail to this new server.

Do I need to turn on the BM mail proxy to do this?
Are there any other configurations in BM needed to forward mail to
that formerly remained on the 10.10.xx.13 Border server?

BM3.5 sp3 NW5.sp7
[NIC external]<----> [ADSL
[NIC internal] 10.10.xx.13 <----> LAN
(Mercury was running here)

WinXPsp1 Client32 4.90sp2
[NIC]10.10.xx.80 <--> LAN
C:\MERCURY\.... Mercury now running here

Geoff Taylor BSc Dip Ed