Moving GW8 sp1 from NW6.5 sp7 to SLES 10 sp3, OES2 (nss partition). I ran dbcopy with appropriate switches (-m -f - p, etc.) on the NetWare server and placed the target files on a NetWare volume. Then, I copied these files (domain and PO) from a Windows Server logged in with the NetWare client to the Linux server's NSS volume. Then I ran setup for GW8 on the Linux server and installed the admin files and the agents (MTA and POA). But when I go to configure the agents it says there is no wpdomain.db file and it does not show up in the browse window of the setup program. However if I look outside this setup program, all the files are indeed there in the right place on the nss volume on the Linux box. I did run CHOWN and made root owner of all of the files. Any clues? Thanks.