we use the BM 3.8 proxy and can not get any java applet working.
By visiting a website with a java applet only the java-symbol or a red
cross is displayed instead of the applet. If clients are connected
directly or through another proxy to the internet the applets are
displayed correctly.

here some further information:

WindowsNT or WindowsXP clients with IE 5.5 sp1 or 6.0 and suns jre
BM in cache hierarchy as child,
persistent connections to brower/host disabled,
striping java applets disabled,
BM must cache through hierarchy enabled,
BM access rules enabled...

By the way:
Using the BM without cache hierarchy or disabling access rules does not
solve the problem.
Here is an example page/applet which does not work:
(You have to click the "start"-button to initiate the applet)
There is a strange thing with this applet. One attempt (not the first) of
all attempts on a day to load this applet is successful.

Any ideas?