At first I would ask if someone has an experience with moving oes to vmware and could post recommendation.

I have server oes9 where is running edirectory and nss file store for users.
I have tried to move it through vcentre converter v4.2.

There is one problem that the converter in not able to move the nss volumes otherwise the transfered server seems to be ok.
I append new disk in virtual machine and create nss pool and volume with same name. Than I copy all data from original nss volume to converted server with rsync. Problem is that nss volume is not mounted during boot. I have to mount it manually.

I found error in boot.msg:
Mouting all NSS volumes in /etc-fstab
mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on DATA, or too many mounted file systems
Error 32 occured while mounting volume DATA
Unable to mount the volume.

here is my fstab:
DATA /media/nss/DATA nssvol auto,rw,name=DATA 0 0

Do you have idea what could cause this problem or better way how to move the server to vmware?