I am still testing on ZCM 10.3. I have had some issues with the DLU policy
not being applied when assigned to the user, so I adopted a strategy of
management by exception, associating a Power User DLU policy with the
workstation container, and a straight User DLU (volatile, no caching) policy
with a dynamic group in my user source -- applying device policy first, then
user. First time I logged in with one of the test users in this group, the
policy was applied correctly. However, when I logged in with another member
of this dynamic group, the policy was not applied. It does not show up
under the User Assigned Policies tab on the agent, and when I check the user
object in ZCC under relationships, inherited, the policy shows up as
applicable, but with a deployment status of Unknown.

Any clues as to why this is happening?

Dennis R. Crowther, CNE, NAI
Manager, FSM Network Support
University of New Mexico


"If you are already in a hole, there is no use to continue digging. . ."