I have mixed to bad experiences with Win7 and NCP, bad experiences with
Win7 and NW6.5Sp8 CIFS and good experiences except performance with
Samba on OES2SP2 and Win7.

But in the long term the bad Samba performance is really annoying: in
one application the response time difference between Samba and NCP is
more than a minute or more than ten times the NCP response time ( In
fact a search in ~ 7000 files totalling ~ 3 GB).

How well does CIFS on OES2 Linux work with Windows7 (64 and 32 bit)?

I am going to deploy an additional server, just to get useable
performance and handling (no explorer hangs without disabling search)
for simple users on Win7. As the other options of Novell don't deliver
this, is CIFS on OES2 Linux capable of that, or do I need a Win2008
server for this goal?

W. Prindl