i have installed bm38sp2a on my lan on a nw5.1 sp7 box running edirectory
I have configured the proxy ssl authentication, proxy is running, acl for
authorize url is defined.
When i launch IE i get the proxy ssl page, i type my username and my
password then i return on the ssl login page.

My lan :
4 NW 5.1 SP7 edir 8.7.3 (2 files servers, 1 BM3.5, 1 GW6 ; one of them hold
the master replica of my nds, others hold R/W replica of my nds). NMAS is
desactivated because if i activate it my ndps managers can not run.
1 new NW5.1 SP7 edir 8.7.3 for BM3.8 (sp2A) ; this last server does not hold
a R/W replica of my nds ; nmas is active, it is activated by bm3.8 install.

can someone help me ??