We are reorganizing our tree from multiple Organization objects to multiple
OU's under a single O. We have been able to move all of the non-Groupwise
objects just fine, but are wondering how "best" to move all of the different
GW objects in eDirectory. All the services are staying on the same servers,
directories stay the same. The only difference will be where they are
located in the NDS tree.

We actually have moved 1 PO over to it's new tree location, but we needed
Novell's help fixing our "big" mistake.

System Info:
All servers are running NW 6.5sp8 w/eDir 8.8.5.
GW system is at GW 8.0.1 with the following agents:

Primary Domain - 1 MTA, 5 PO each on separate servers

Secondary Domain - 1 MTA, GWIA and Webaccess

Any and all help is much appreciated.