When attempting to refresh the Zenworks agent on our workstations, a very large number of 10.0.2 and 10.0.3 updates attempt to install and quickly fail. This process will continue on for up to 15 minutes. As you can imagine, this makes launching applications and refreshing the Zenworks window extremely slow. Each update in the list must fail in order before the intended application is reached and then launched. We are running two ZCM servers, both which are at 10.3.0. Our workstation agents are at 10.3.0 or have the 10.3.0 agent update scheduled. The only update scheduled under configuration-system updates is the 10.3.0 update. We can not tell where these old updates are coming from. We've tried clearing the agent cache on the workstations and deleting APPSTATE files, with no luck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.