I am using GroupWise client 8.0.1 (build 08/01/2010).

Able to set all phone except the mobile pnone number. I get the error "Attempt to use undefined field name on item".

' Works....
call oEntry.Fields.add("Office Phone Number",1,"999991")
call oEntry.Fields.add("Home Phone Number",1,"999992")
call oEntry.Fields.add("Phone Number",1,"999993")
call oEntry.Fields.add("Fax Number",1,"999994")
call oEntry.Fields.add("Office Fax Number",1,"999995")
call oEntry.Fields.add("Home Fax Number",1,"999996")
call oEntry.Fields.add("Car Phone Number",1,"999997")
call oEntry.Fields.add("Other Phone Number",1,"999998")

' Failed...
' Error "Attempt to use undefined field name on item"
call oEntry.Fields.add("Mobile Phone",1,"999999")

Any idea? Thanks in advance for your help.