So, as some of you know, I purchased a second Roomba a few months ago. And as
luck would have it, the old one just up and died. Well, it's not entirely dead,
but it has some kind of inner ear imbalance or something and it just kinda
lurches around in a circle if it gets "cornered" or confused. iRobot sent me
this little electronic device to plug into its "serial port", and it downloaded
some new software that fixes some issues with that model, but alas, it didn't
fix the issue, so we're going to have to retire this poor baby. I can get a
"non-warranty replacement" from iRobot for about $150.00 - this Roomba is 4
years old, and of course out of warranty. I haven't yet decided if I should go
for the replacement from iRobot (which is the older model), or just watch for a
good sale on the newer models and snap one of those up.

Alas, the NEW Roomba has some wonderful heightened cliff sensors, and thinks
that the large area rug in our dining room is some kind of a mine field or
something! The rug has multiple blocks of irregular size, separated by a strip
of lower carpet. Goomba (the new Roomba), gets on that rug and thinks it's
falling off of a ledge all of the time! I was seriously bummed. Goomba does
great in the rest of the house with normal carpet, tile and area rugs, but the
dining room was really stressful for the poor thing.

When we purchased Goomba, Bed Bath and Beyond was having a special where they
would send you an iRobot Dirt Dog with any Roomba purchase. The Dirt Dog is
actually supposed to be a floor sweeper for the garage or patio, or maybe low
industrial carpet. The Dirt Dog arrived last week, and has been sitting on the
charger waiting for its turn at the garage, but I got this idea tonight to see
what it would do in the dining room. It's working perfectly! The carpet in
there really is quite low, and I guess it has a slightly stronger motor, because
it's supposed to be able to pick up things like nuts and bolts that you leave on
the workshop floor! I think it's found a new home inside. No banishment to the
garage for now. That means I have to keep sweeping out there I guess!

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