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Thread: print job goes to printer but is not printed

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    print job goes to printer but is not printed

    When a send a job to iprint printer, by using lpr line command, first I need to using the command unix2dos in the file, then the job goes to printer but is not printed, if I forced the printer the job is printed. The lpr command has something like a form feed option or something like it to resolv this problem?

    There is some procedure to make this work?

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    Re: print job goes to printer but is not printed


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    Re: print job goes to printer but is not printed

    Well, you have 2 options:

    1) Let NDPS/iPrint do all the filtering for you. For this, in the properties of the iPrint printer, in the "LPR Support" tab, enable the option:
    "Filter all LF to CRLF and append FF to jobs"
    This way, you no longer need to run the unix2dos command and the FF character is provided as well.

    2) Find a program like unix2dos that already appends the FF to your file.
    Marcel Cox

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