We have a few OES 2 SP2 Linux High Availability clusters (A total of 10 physical servers). We use backupexpress, although the symptom we are having shows up in sbcon as well.

Ocasionnaly, when backing up the clustered volumes, the backup server will be able to see the volume but none of the contents within the volume. When this occurs I only seem to be able to migrate to one of the other nodes to get the backup server to see the contents of the volume. I verified that the smdr service is being registered with SLP (which is why it can see the volume in the first place). I tried browsing via sbcon on a Netware box and saw the same symptom.

After turning on debugging for tsa I see the following when trying to browse the volume:
f4c5eba0:FS_InitScan [00344]: zOpen failed. ret: 0000517b

I then found TID 7004094 which gave a resolution of adding a replica to the server for the location of the user object used to do the backups. I tried this and it did solve the problem...but I really do not want to add replicas to these 10 servers. I do not understand why this happens randomly and would like to figure out how to avoid this without adding a replica to each physical cluster node.

rc1212 errors from BackupExpress FFFDFFD1 No more Data Sets nss zOpen error 0x517b Access Denied