The code below is part of a bigger application, but I have snipped out everything down to a basic test base.

This code is being run in classic asp - vbscript.

We recently moved from Win2003 Server to Win2008 Server.
Groupwise and Groupwise API are installed on this new web server.
Our GrouWise server is elsewhere ( I imagine).

When I run this code the page just sits there and does nothing.
I can comment out sections of code and drill down to the lock-up happening at: Msg2.Recipients.Resolve and/or Msg2.Send.

I can create and destroy the NovellGroupWareSession object successfully.

Once the page locks up I have to restart either IIS or the GW service on the web server (can't recall off hand).

Can anyone PLEASE give me a clue?

<%@ Language=VBScript %>
Set GW2 = Server.CreateObject("NovellGroupWareSession")
Set SRHS_IntraUser2 = GW2.MultiLogin("SRHS_Intranet_Server", "/ipa- /ipp-1677 /ntservice", "itd")
Set WFMsgs2 = SRHS_IntraUser2.WorkFolder.Messages
Set Msg2 = WFMsgs2.Add("GW.MESSAGE.NOTE")

Msg2.Subject = "Keith Charron 7/30/2010 PTO (ITDPTOReminder)"
Msg2.StartDate = "7/30/2010 8:00:00 AM"
Msg2.BodyText = "Keith Charron 7/30/2010 PTO (ITDPTOReminder)"
Msg2.Recipients.Add "", "NGW", egwTo

Set Msg2 = Nothing
Set WFMsgs2 = Nothing
Set SRHS_IntraUser2 = Nothing
Set GW2 = Nothing

<br><br> Success!!! If you see this there is no error!