I'm guessing there's a configuration this that I've got wrong or this would of shown-up before.

Relatively recently, I'm going to say somewhere in the iPhone 3GS release, AT&T change the way internet access works through the cell phones. As long as you maintain constant activity (a new page opening, something being posted, downloading something) things work fine. But the as soon as you let the connection set idle for 30 seconds or more (like you are reading or writing an e-mail) when you try to do something else you have to log back in and loose where you are.

We have changed the option on the GroupwiseWebAccess object to not use IP address for securing the tunnel. I reloaded the WebAccess agent and bounced Tomcat/Apache2 but still having the issue.

I'm running GroupWise 8.
The WebAccess agent is on a SLES10/OES2 server.
The WebServer is a Netware6.5 server with Apache2.

Any thoughts?