We have two Groupwise users, B1 and B2.

B1 sends B2 an appointment. The appointment gets posted to B2's calendar immediately. It does not show up in his mailbox, or any other folder. So, B2 does not know that B1 has sent an appointment for a meeting and consequently misses meetings.

This morning, B2 was told he was late to another meeting he did not know about. The same scenario as described. Two Helpdesk personnel signed into his account and could see the meetings in his mailbox and calendar. After this, B2 signed in to his account again and could see the meetings in his mailbox, too.

This behavior cannot be replicated within the IT department. When an appointment is received, it shows in the appropriate folder.

B2 has no rules that would cause this behavior.

No options for automatically posting an appointment seem to exist, so it cannot be turned on/off.

Any ideas as to why B2's account is behaving this way?