zlmmirror does not check what it does!

from the zlmmirror.log:
Downloading 83 out of 336 packages "OpenOffice_org-base-drivers-postgresql 3.
2.1.4-1.7.1 sled-11-i586 (i586)", file size: 1.834 MB (1,923,167 bytes) [=
Warning: The number of bytes downloaded for package "OpenOffice_org-base-drivers-postgresql sled-11-i586 (i586)" differ from the number of bytes expected. Expected 1923167, actual 310272.

question1: why is the new version of the update-bundle created with incomplete downloads? how could i automagically download these failures without a complete re-download? (which i used to correct this problem)

question2: howto update these individual patches?

of course i could update the clients manually, assigning only verified bundles, but I wanted to reduce admin work to a minimum.