I'm running:
Groupwise server 8.0.2 (Official release)
Groupwise client for Windows 8.0.2 (Official release)
Novell Datasynchronizer build 81 (14-07-2010)
Nokia Mail for Exchange 2.09.206

When I do the following, the appointment move is not synchronized to the device:
- Create a new appointment;
- Synchronize the device (Appointment shows up on the device);
- In the calendar view of Groupwise, drag the appointment to the next day;
- Synchronize the device again.

In the data synchronizer logs I can see that the move is reaching the mobility connector, but the update isn't send to the device at all. The synchronization log on the device tells me that: 0 appointments have been "Added/Modified/Deleted/Ignored".

In the post about the release of 17 June I see the following fix mentioned:
597491,"Item moves are not reliably synchronized from GW to device"

However, this issue still seems to exist.

Can anyone confirm this?

Kind regards, Don