Back ground.

We're using a Sprint HTC TP2, DataSync is version 1.074, we installed yvatta as a NAT router in the DMZ. I am connecting to a GW 8.02 POA thought the rest of the GW installation is still 8.01.

After completing the installation we tested one of our generic users. From the initial testing we felt it was okay to move to a production user. Here where thinks fell apart.

We reset the phone and connected to Datasync as the new user. The user set up to transfer only a couple of their address books. We we ran the sync and only one address book was transferred to the user, no e-mail, or calendar. We changed the settings to default and reran the sync process without any luck.

We change the phone back to the generic user and even thought we could see the originally tested email we could not see anything new. We thought it might be the cache on the Datasync box so I cleared it. Now we are getting a activesync loop.

After hitting finish on activesycn setup is says synchronizing folders, then looking for changes, then back to synchronizing folders.

After that it pops up a message saying "There has been a change made on your server that requires you to re-synchronize all items on your device. All changes made since your last successful sync will be lost. Do you wish to continue? Yes or No." After hitting yes it starts all over and the same message pops up again.

Any help would greatly be appreciated?

Thanks Allen