Hi All

Where I encounter "Module novfs not found" is while preparing the
Novell Migration tool on a pair servers running OES2, SP2 with rest of
patches up to date.
fs1:~ # rpm -qa kernel*

When configuring a file service migration, I get blocked by rcnovfsd
not starting. Starting it manually (and found in the logs since the VM
template was made a few months ago) I get the "Module novfs not found"

- uninstalling/installing novell-novfsd would be a challenge given all
the things depending on it
- installing novell-client complains it would invalidate atom:
novell-qtgui-cli, not sure if I want to do that. (And what is with
"atom" that lead me on a wild goose chase that still doesn't have an
answer other than being a 'magic word' that YaST insists on incanting.)
- We don't have the source installed so just remaking it as suggested
elsewhere has its own challenge (like where is the source).

Am still hunting, but any pointers here would be greatly appreciated as
there is very limited info on novfs in Novell's documentation that I
can find.

Andy Konecny
KonecnyConsulting.ca in Toronto
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