I have a Windows server that runs a web service which requires the users to have accounts on the local server. Since the service is on a server, my users only use the web portal for access, and I'm looking for a better way to manage password changes. On another server, I've used the #NET USE.../persistent:no command to map a drive to a Windows share and when we require a password change, the passwords on that server automatically change as well.

My question is a two parts... Is there a way to just connect to a Windows Server to establish the connection via login script without mapping a drive to it? Otherwise, I'm looking to remap my shared driver earlier in the script to have it overwritten with the correct location.

Second, what other products are out there to help accomplish this type of password sync, as well as MSSQL server? For SQL, I need it to update the user's account within the database, not an account on the hosting server.