I have some questions about the imaging process.

1.From what I am reading, the Adaptive Agent needs to be installed on a client for the App bundles to be installed during the imaging process. However, you can't install the agent until after the imaging process is complete. So how can the App bundles get installed if the agent needs to be installed 1st?

2. I assume that only bundles in the content-repo (Install actions) can be used as Linked App bundles. Network MSI installs or Copy actions would need a mounted drive and/or access to the network to run. Correct?

3. For Mulitcasting, can we use the ncurses (run 'img' from the command-line and press F7) way just like in Zen7 or will we run into issues with the Zen Agent thinking all the mulicast clients are the same computer?

ZCM 10.3 on SLES10
WinXP and Win7 clients

We have a custom script that pulls down the agent at 1st boot after imaging. Runs the agent install automatically and reboots again. Works great. We do not use sysprep.

Thanks for any input!