Anyone seen this problem?

After several days of running BM37, when you try to unload proxy (to
reload and clear cache), proxy does not unload. The server then becomes
unresponsive and in the logger screen you start to see NBM License manager
errors - C0001003.

I have removed the BM licenses, deleted the NLS object associated with the
server and reinstalled the license and ran SETUPNLS on the BM server per a
Novell TID. The licenses we have for BM37 is an MLA license and is
located at the root of the organization object, 1 level above OU
containing the BM server (per the documentation).

I originally thought this issue was caused by the 3 2GB cache volumes and
have hence removed them and created 1 6GB cache volume and the problem

When this happens, I must shutdown my server (power it off, which I never
like doing), but when I power the server back on, I am able to unload
proxy and reload proxy with the -cc switch without error.

I have looked at my proxy.cfg file and it appears I am not running the one
from Craig's website but I will update that this afternoon.

I have 2 other server with almost the same config (still only running
BM37SP2) at other locations and they do not experience these problems.

What other things could be causing this issue?

Thanks in advance for your input.

Steve D.