I'm trying to get the GW8 WebAccess client upgraded on a server separate from the one housing our GW8 installation. GW7 was trucking along just fine prior to this.

I installed the new GW8 WebAccess application via the GW8 installer on SLES10. When I get to LDAP configuration on the ConfigureWebaccess portion of the installer, I put in our LDAP information and I'm given the following error:

"Invalid LDAP IP Address or Port"

I know that the LDAP address, port, context, etc. is correct as I've used it in an LDAP browser without any problems. I've tried this both with and without SSL with the same error.

LDAP trace provides the following information when the error pops up:

16:34:39 AAF97BA0 LDAP: New cleartext connection 0xd534000 from, monitor = 0xa8aa1ba0, index = 151
16:34:39 A8AA1BA0 LDAP: Invalid protocol request on connection 0xd534000
16:34:39 A8AA1BA0 LDAP: Monitor 0xa8aa1ba0 initiating close for connection 0xd534000
16:34:39 A70CBBA0 LDAP: Server closing connection 0xd534000, reason = 2
16:34:39 A70CBBA0 LDAP: ( Sending operation result 2:"":"" to connection 0xd534000
16:34:39 A70CBBA0 LDAP: Connection 0xd534000 closed