NW 6.5sp2/BM 3.8 (PXY071). I set it up like Craig's suggestions in his web
site (for upgrade patch list). - I think.

This was upgraded from 5.1sp4/BM3.7 recently.

Anyway, periodically (and this was true also in the 3.7 days) I would get a
Novell Proxy Memory Allocation Error page (500 - internal server error) when
browsing to web sites. The site was not important. If I kept refreshing,
somewhere in the next 2-5 minutes, it would finally be ok again on that web
site, and off I go. Other users would be accessing other sites and be ok.
But, it will come back frequently, on random sites with random internal

If I reboot the server, then the problem goes for a number of days (the last
time, the server was up for about 20 days).

Any ideas? I cannot find anything like this in the TIDS or docs.

Steven Stringham