We have a NW6.5 Sp2 with BM3.8 SP2a installed on a Dell Poweredge 4600
1.8Ghz Xeon with 4Gb of memory with a 1GB network link on the private
interface and a 100Mb link to the ISP router. It is running proxy, client &
site vpn and radius services via a bonded 4Mb ADSL line to our ISP.
We are needing to reboot this server on a daily basis as internet browsing
via the proxy starts to slow down, if I bypass the proxy the speed is fine.
I have tried unloading and re-loading proxy.nlm but only a reboot seems to
solve it. If I check the server status in remote manager all is green, I
have checked the network cards and they seems to be error free.

Has anyone else seen these problems? Can any suggest a fix?