We are having some problems with certain Run Script actions apparently "hanging" the distribution of a bundle. So far, the worst, and most reproduceable example is running the windows command CACLS (or ICACLS in the case of Windows 7).

We have situations where a bundle installs an MSI, then we need a script to open the permissions for the installation directory tree. The MSI distributes correctly, but where the script is running, the progress bar just sits there, and never closes. An example is this:

c:\windows\system32\icacls.exe "C:\Program Files\ICS Triplex ISaGRAF" /grant Users:(OI)(CI)f /T /Q /C

The command runs and terminates perfectly when its run from a command line (logged in as administrator). The action is set to run as "system" in the bundle, so it should have the access to do this.

Any ideas on what (if anything) we are doing wrong? this worked perfectly in Zen 7.