I have a number of users in caching mode at my remote offices. They have
begun getting the following message with increasing frequency since
upgrading them to the 8.0.0 client.

"GroupWise has encountered a problem with your mailbox. GroupWise can
rebuild your mailbox to avoid further problems. Rebuild now?"

In most cases, the rebuild completes after 15-30 minutes, but his happens
entirely too often, and NEVER occurred with GroupWise 6.5.6.

Today, one of my users got this message, but the rebuild failed. He may have
become impatient and turned off his computer while it was rebuilding. If I
agree to the rebuild, it goes to "pass 155: 0% complete" immediately and
sits doing nothing. If I try to bypass the rebuild, the mailbox is never
displayed and I eventually get a c022 error. I have switched him back to
Online mode for the time being, but is there anything short of deleting and
repriming his local cached copy that I can do?

And yes, I'm aware there is an 8.0.2 version just released and will be
applying that soon. I saw that others had a similar problem and no one had a
solution, nor did 8.0.1 address it.

This is just one of many problems we are experiencing since upgrading from
the highly stable 6.5.6 to the seemingly fragile and unstable 8.0.0. The
firm's administrator is just looking for any excuse to toss GroupWise and go
to Exchange. Doesn't matter how bad Exchange is, he doesn't see its problems
on a daily basis.

Thanks in advance for any assistance