We are in the midst of the prep for converting 48 PC from xp to windows 7. I have installed the newest Client 2 SP1 for windows on one of the new win 7 boxes.
Problems from the start.
1. Lost right off the bat the Tree and Server shown in the network panel.
2. after about 15 min the showed back up and I set the login for novel to the proper settings Tree, Context, Server.
3. When I try to login it imediatly states either cannot find tree or server... or username and password are incorrect. (This changes each time I try to login)
we are loging into Novel Open Enterprise Server
Netware ver 6.5
Server V 5.70.07

I am completely lost on where to start.

Just as I am typing I refreshed my network windo and the server and tree no longer show again..

Any help would be great !

UAW/GM Training Center