I am trying to programmatically access the mailbox into which I most recently proxied via the GUI.

From what I understand, a call to Groupwise.Account.Application.ProxyHistory should return a collection of mailboxes into which I recently proxied via the Groupwise GUI. When I iterate over the returned collection, some of the mailboxes are missing or are replaced by other mailboxes in the list.

For example, my Proxy list on the Groupwise GUI shows:
1. UserA
2. UserB
3. UserC
4. UserD
5. UserE
6. UserF
7. UserG
8. UserH
9. UserI

A call to the ProxyHistory function returns:
1. Me
2. Me
3. Me
4. UserD
5. UserE
6. UserE
7. UserG
8. UserG
9. UserG

Is this discrepancy a known issue? Is there a workaround for this problem?

Thank you,