So I have an issue that I can't seem to resolve. My company is moving from our current Netware 6.5 environment to Win2003 virtual environment. We are running GW 8.0.1 across 5 netware servers (3 that have 4 PO's each, 1 for GWIA/Messenger, 1 for webacc).

Our primary domain still owns post offices, so I was going to migrate those to a new secondary domain as our first steps into the Windows environment. I built a fresh win2003 VM, I installed the GW agents only for the new MTA. I setup all the link configurations and then launched the MTA. I get an error that all links are closed from the new MTA. "Transport Address Resolution Error". The primary domain and other existing secondary domains show the link to the new MTA as open though. I've also used GW monitor to run link tracing and see the same thing, going to the new domain the link shows as open but the return path shows as closed.

I've ran wireshark to check that no traffic is getting denied from what I can tell. I've had novell support look at it with no luck yet. There seems to be no resolution that I can find. Has anyone had any success running agents across multiple platforms? I assumed that because we run TCP/IP links for all our MTA's that putting an agent on windows should be fairly straight forward.