I'm experiencing a problem with proxy not being accessible from
public side of BM box (BM 3.7 on NW 5.1 box). It worked for more than a
year and access rules included a rule allowing access from select outside
IP addresses. No changes have been made to setup or rules except for doing
BM and NW patches a month or so ago- which is when problem started. I
applied BorderManager 3.7 Field Patch 4C yesterday- no change, still have

Filter support is turned OFF on BM box- we use another system at our
network edge for firewall. Users experiencing proxy problems are inside
the firewall but on public side of the BM box. Even disabling all access
rule enforcement still has them unable to reach proxy- in fact they never
get that far.

Error message is not the BM block screen, but the Windows 'unreachable'
message. It's as if there is some phantom filtering in effect preventing
traffic to port 8080. When I port
scan BM box (public address) with scanner box placed on same subnet as
problem users are on, port 8080 does *not* show as open. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance-