We have a Novell Server running OES Netware 6.5 support pack 8
All of the workstations log into Novell with the 4.91 client on XP.
We just recently added a 2008 Server and now have some desktops that are part of a domain. These workstations/users need access to the Novell server. Whoever configured the server has already enabled CIFS as it is in the autoexec.ncf with the command of cifsstrt.ncf

On the Microsoft domain I have users double click my network places, entire network, microsoft windows network, workgroup, servername-w is listed, double click and it prompts for password and nothing ever works.

When I go into Console one to set a simple password for a user to test I immediately get an error code 1697. I checked out TID: 10090368 and have no idea if Universal password is enabled. When I try to access my link for iManager I get an error 503.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.