I am installing first of 4 Win 7 Pro computers for client with Netware 6.0 network. On my own network where I'm running OES (SBE2) with the first Client for Windows 7, I don't have this issue. This customer is not interested in moving to OES, and is more likely to end up with Windows SBS... but that's another story.

When we try to open a document in Word 2010, we're advised the file "is locked for editing by 'another user'" when that is not the case. It appears to be having problems with file caching, or locking.

Opening, changing and saving a Word 2010 file results in the ~$nnnnn.doc file not being deleted from the server. Yet this does not happen with a Windows XP PC.

As per the several other discussions I have seen, I have tried turning OFF file caching on the Client, and turning File Commit ON: sometimes I think its working but more often than not, the problem is there again.

The server side set parameters are level 2 oplocks=off, and client file caching=off.

The client I'm using is the Client 2 SP1 IR2 dated June 2010.

Isn't it about time Novell fixed this issue? Any suggestions please?