Does anybody ever sit around and wonder what the future will be in the
technology world?

I've been thinking about the world of tomorrow. What will it be like. I
see a future where the OS on a computer is much thinner and lighter than
today. Not gone or replaced by a web base OS, but more like android. I
see Netbooks and laptops being built where by the screen is completely
removable from the keyboard so as to be a thinner tablet pc.

I see a world where servers, router, switches, and desktops are all
virtualized in the enterprise because it's easy to control and manage
and adds a better layer of security.

I see a world where our cell phones will come with projectors and
cameras and we will be able to use them like netbooks.

Mostly I see a world that's not much different than today, but even more
connected and dependent on technology. A world where we can do almost
everything online and never have to leave our homes. Even working from
home will be a more common thing.

These are all things that exist today. The technology of tomorrow will
be just more advanced versions of what we have today.