Note to self.. when it comes to SSL cert issues, don't be your stubborn
mule self determined to solve the issue rather than call support. I
could have saved myself many many hours had I just contacted them first.

Having had to deal with support at most places I usually loathe to call
it, but I had forgotten how easy it was getting hold of them.

Long story short (yeah right), I spend countless hours bouncing POA's
and issuing certs trying to make SSL certs work properly for imap
clients hitting the gw poa directly. No matter what I tried, cell
phones came up as an invalid cert when checking imap mail via ssl. It
wasn't an issue with the wildcard cert as these phones specifically
support them, unlike Treo's which did not. OE, Thunderbird seemed fine
with the certs, as did the Groupwise client and It
wasn't until I installed Eudora that I saw a little of what was going
on. It reported the cert couldn't be verified and actually showed it to
me. I can't figure out a way to view the server cert on a PRE or in
Thunderbird or the GroupWise client.

So I hit the chat button on Digicerts site. I had a person within about
30 seconds of clicking chat, and not someone who just took my info, but
a knowledgeably tech. We ran through a bunch of things and
unfortunately hit a dead end. He said hang on, I'm going to transfer
you to a coworker that really knows Novell stuff. (Kudos for that right
there). Again about 30 seconds later I had a person and yes, he knew
his Novell stuff. He and I went over this for a while and he tested
some things and then remembered that GW 7 agents don't sent the
intermediate certificates in the chain which causes the validation
failure. He was going to test it some more for me and offered to open
up a bug with Novell. I laughed because we're talking about GW 7 here.
Regardless, it was nice of him to offer. His understanding from other
testing is that this works in 8. So I'm unfortunately out of luck using
them for the poa agents for imap SSL, but the experience was a great
reminder of why I go with them.

Summary: Clicked chat, got support immediately from someone intelligent
and articulate, and when all options were exhausted got transferred
immediately to another person who had more familiarity with our setup
and ultimately provided the resolution. This was at 7pm at night.

That is what customer support is supposed to look like and thats how you
keep customers happy. JD and KM @ Digicert, if you happen to see this,
thanks much for the help. You guys rock.