I am looking at installing a Data Sync server mainly for a few
administrators in our school district and saw the 200GB recommendation
for data storage. This brought up two questions:

1) 200GB? The PO for our entire school district is only 150GB. How can I
calculate the data storage space necessary for a handful of users? I can
get the GWCheck stats for all of the users that would be included.

2) Once I get a set amount figured out, where is this data storage going
to be in the file system? What I prefer to do is create a smaller (say
10GB) root partition that contains the base OS, and then mount the larger
(in this case 200GB) partition to the correct location. I scanned
through the install document and see the various datasync folders that
get created. Just wondering which of those hold this large storage

Timothy M. Musa
Community Consolidated School District 93
Carol Stream, IL