I have messed this up something fierce. Been reading forum and trying every zac command in the documentation, some of which work and some which don't. I didn't see this problem addressed anywhere else. So...

We are testing OES2, ZCM 10sp3, and Windows 7. The workstation that I am having trouble with is a Win7 32-bit installation. I forgot to unregister it on the production server before I installed Win7. So every time it boots now, it looks at the production server for work instead of at my test server.

I'm so confused. I'd like to understand where the incorrect information is located and how it's accessed, as well as how to correct the problem. I have uninstalled the ZAA and reinstalled it. I've used zac unr, reg, fsg -d, and a few other commands in an effort to fix the problem. Oh yeah, at one point i also used ziswin to delete the image safe data. Then I typed it in again when it didn't work any more. Is this FUBAR and do I need to reinstall the machine?