Patched a gw 8HP2 server (SLES10sp2/OES2sp1) to gw8 sp2 today but am having one issue. I ran ./install to update the software distribution directory and install the binaries. Then manually copied some windows stuff to the sdd, like admin/utility directory and the client directory (for Windows). When I launch C1, I get the message about editing /etc/opt/novell/ncpserv.conf. Following TID 7004594, I edited the file and rather than restarting ndsd I rebooted the server because I feared doing an rcndsd restart would dismount my nss volume anyway. When the server restarted however the ncpChecked file did not get created in the domain directory as the TID indicates and I can't find it anywhere on the gw server and I'm still getting the message when I launch C1. The TID indicates if the agents are gw8, the file should get created automatically once the cross_protocol_locks are enabled but it is not.

I can manually create the file as it describes for GW 7, but I'm wondering if there is something I'm missing here.

Any ideas?