I have a 4 node (2 nw, and 2 linux) cluster - in the process of upgrading, so far everything it looking good on the cluster side, I got one of my volumes moved and only running on the 2 linux ones.

But the problem comes with backup, not sure if I'm missing a step here.

I can backup (/) root on both linux nodes and it picks the right path to our fiberchannel changer, so its not a issue there.

If I start a job backing up the one volume that I moved the linux node, I'm able to browse it inside syncsort under the cluster object so guessing all my tsa stuff it setup ok. But when the job run's it tried to mount the tape on one of the netware nodes (the node that's the master) and then I get the following error in the job log

SNBEH_3069E Unable to find corresponding TSA, Disk (PUBLIC:), the tsa may not be running or may not be returning this particular disk

Has anyone seen this before - or does my Master need to be on Linux?