I am doing a migration of a server and am having a few issues. I installed the OES2 server using the latest media and installed it with the pre-migration modules. The server was installed in the same container as the Netware box with a different name and IP.

Everything went fine with the migration, at first. I initially chose a consolidate install and migrated iPrint. After a few issues all of the printers and drivers went over fine. I then started the file system in "transfer id" mode. It did a bunch of prechecks and choked on the dns portion. I found a few problems, pertaining to the host file on the local machine and was able to proceed.

The file copy went well, and the edirectory stuff completed as well, no errors. Now we are on the Ip change portion and we are stuck.

ERROR - ServerIDSwap:Host Name Change:Host Name resolution for the source server was unsuccessful
INFO - ServerIDSwap:Host Name Change:Update the host name entry in the hosts file from the project path and re-run the host change step

These are the errors I receive. I have modified the hosts file in the project directory every way I know how but it won't proceed. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks for any help on this.