I now noted (and reproduced) one problem for the combination Mobility (Public Beta) together with Android 2.1 (on Motorola Milestone).
If a GroupWise contact is creaded/modified and the email is written in '<name>@domain.com' it is synced like this to the device. If now the contact is modified (adding a phone number, adding a note, adding it favorite contact - any change on the mobile) the change is synced back and the email address is changed to '"<Firstname> <Lastname>" <<name>@domain.com>'. This change is synced to GW...

Mailing does still work, but it looks very strange in emails if the email address is:
'"<Firstname> <Lastname>" <"<Firstname> <Lastname>" <<name>@domain.com>>'.

Would appreciate it if that will be fixed in the final version.