Hi all

Need your help in planing my OES scenario for DSFW.

Actual situation: Totally 2 Netware Servers, 110 User, all with Netware Client, 120 User Netware license, but out of maintenance since years.

1 Netware 6.5 SP4a server physically who act as File- and Printserver with traditional filesystem and he's doing his job very very well since years ;-) That's why I hate it to change something with this box and would prefer to stay on Netware as long as possible.

1 Netware 6.5 SP4a server virtually in ESX4, no services anymore on it, just keeped as eDir backup in the tree.

Now we have to install XenApp6 which only supports DSFW now. So what will be the best scenario for implement the DSFW service into our existing tree?

My first thought was, just install a new OES2 SP2a server into the existing tree, configure DSFW on it and that's all.
But I'm not sure, if that will work how I think about ;-) So because all users authenticate to the eDir and not to the server, it should be enough to have just one OES in the tree with DSFW running, right? I mean, if a user authenticate to this OES then, he will also have fileaccess rights to the Netware fileserver? Or is it a must that all servers must run on OES2 Linux to use the DSFW service?

I guess with a new OES server I need to buy then a new 120 user license for OES. But what happends if I will migrate the virtuell second server to OES, should I need then to buy a upgrade license for 120 users? So then that will be the cheaper scenario to migrate the second backup server instead to install a new third one into the tree.

Thank you for any suggestions!