I downloaded edirectory from Novell-Products without any
problems after login. Afterwards I tried to download
imanager and I did not get the login-screen, but the hint to
enable java-script and cookies (with tips how to do this in
ie and mozilla/netscape). I tried with firefox 6.0, 8.0 and
9.x, same outcome. Iexplorer 5.0 did not work too for some
reason (I did not dig into this because I normally do not
use ie!).

On the next day I tried again and this time succeeded, but
only with the first download. When trying to download a
second product, it failed again with the same message as the
day before.

To check the reasons I finally unloaded proxy and reloaded
with proxy -cc and - voila - download worked.

Any hint on what is going wrong here is highly appreciated.