BM3.6 sp2. Latest proxy.nlm patch

Have BorderManager acting as a client proxy with a CERN parent (WEBsweeper)
for anti-virus and content scanning. The BM server is set to "only forward
through the cache hierarchy". However, it does have direct internet access.

Now due to a problem detailed in a thread I started 7 threads below, I'm
looking to set up BM to bypass the cache hierarchy for HTTPS traffic.

I've been looking at the "cache hierarchy routing" tab and the two lists,
"local domains" and "pattern stop lists" but can't get anything to work as I
want to. In fact, over the past few weeks, I've been experimenting with
those two lists and been having no luck whatsoever. I'm just after a method
to get the BM client proxy to bypass the CERN parent for specified URLs, but
so that everything else MUST go through the CERN parent.

Many thanks