Hello All,

We have a problem authenticating to a remote Windows server (NTLM). The
remote site is using basic authentication with no encryption.

Ntwork setup is:
client --> Border Mgr --> PIX ---> outside world.

My pc is in the private network. IE is setup to use proxy server
bmee.ccp.edu port:8080. I typed the url, I get the dialog box for the
username and password. I typed in the credential, click ok, and the dialog
box comes back as if I type an incorrect password.

Now, I put my PC on the DMZ, which is the network where BM and PIX reside.
I turned off Proxy in IE. My default gateway is the PIX to the internet.
I lauched the url, got the dialog box, typed in the credentials, and I
was able to get to the information page I wanted. With this, I know the
pix is sending the proper information back and it is not blocking it.

I put my pc back inside the private network, use Proxy settings, went
through the same process as above, the dialog box kept coming back. After
3 tries of authentication, I get "You are not authenticated to view this

Is there any document regarding BM that may help us?


Francis Arcangel