When some users try to print their calendar entries, the first word in each of the message lines (except in the very first line) is missing.
Message Text of an appointment:
there are
two words
in every
line in
this text

there are

This happens regardless which form for the printout is used (day, week...); it can also be seen in the print preview. It does not depend on the workstation or the local user.

We have 7 postoffices (GW 8.0.1 hp1). At first I got the impression that only po1 was affected, but after some profound testing it seems that accounts are affected which exist for quite a long time while newer accounts (but created long before are not affected. When moving an account to another po the behaviour does not change: affected accounts are still affected, accounts without the problem stay o.k.

It would seem that this problem started with the deployment of the hp 1 some weeks ago.
I have run gwcheck on affected accounts, without success. I am absolutely nonplussed and have no idea how to proceed.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.