1 x NW 65 BM38 Server --- SITE A
1 x NW 65 BM38 + Surf Control Server --- SITE B.

Both servers are in the same tree, but in different contexts.

SITE 2Mb link SITE 6Mb pipe
100 A------------------B BM38+SF ====================== INTERNET
users /
/ 512Kb/256Kb link

We would like to authenticate all users through BM38 server at Site B.

All access-rules will take effect on BM38 server at site B.

Site A will only deal with caching for office based users.

At the moment access rules using surf control work for all users when
pointing at either server.

Authentication only works for users when they are pointed at Site B's
server. When pointed at site A the access rules take effect but no
authentication is used.

This has been tried with both HTML/Java logins and Client Trust


1/ Should authentication work for users at site A when pointing to
server on their site?

2/ Is there a way we can authenticate to the upstream server while
poiting at the client/downstream proxy server?

thanks Mark