Greetings everyone,

Looking for a best practice here....ZFD 7 environment, will upgrade soon. I have an application associated to workstations inside containers. In one instance, a few workstations inside a container can't receive the application due to incompatibility. So for this group of workstations I have a workstation group where I added all the machines except for the few exclusions. So of course as new machines get imported into this container, they don't get added to the group and don't get the app.

What is the best practice to work around this? Not involving IDM loopback and maintaining the group that way. I know ZFD 7 doesn't support dynamic groups. So right now every few days or so I go back into the group and re-add all the workstations in, making sure I un-highlight the ones to skip. Is there any better way to do this? I know that you can have your workstation import policy add workstations to groups, but as far as I know it's a global setting, and I have workstations importing into different containers under the users OU. I don't want this app for example being deployed to all workstations across the tree.

Thanks in advance.