OK, so here is my situation.

I had a Primary Server (zcmpri1.company.com). I built a new Primary Server (zcmpri2.company.com). I thought I followed all instructions to remove zcmpri1.company.com. I now only have zcmpri2.company.com in production.

When I go to remote control I get the error Unable to initiate Novell Encryptio scheme,check time... The time is fine BTW.

When I check the registry under the ZCM key my CASubject keeps coming in as zcmpri1.company.com. I change it like the TID's suggest but it doesn't work. I know I am having an issue during registration because I watch it write the incorrect key.

When opening the certmgr.msc on a computer that is still working it shows a certificate from zcmpri1.company.com and that it was issued from the zcmpri1.company.com. On a computer that is not working it shows zcmpri2.company.com but if you open that cert is says it was issued from the zcmpri1.company.com server that is no longer in production.

What do I do to get zcmpri2.company.com to start being the issuer of certificates? I am assuming if I can do this it will fix my remote control issue.